Luxury sports

Got to drive some really cool and expensive cars on Sunday.
Here is a vid from behind the wheel of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage!


Haven’t done anything with the S14 since the last driftday, 6 months ago.
That driftday was held at a location near me and it was the first of many to come.
Unfortunately, after that day, the organization got some complains and all following driftdays were canceled.

I was kind of bumped about this and started looking into other things.

Since the S14 wasn’t the most practical nor fuel efficient car, I got myself a cheap Honda civic hatch.
It’s amazing how much value such a cheap car can have!
I don’t know how this 20 year old engine does it, but on average it gets 6l on 100km, those are modern diesel numbers!
And I can fit lots of snowboarding gear, or even 2 mountain bikes in the back.

So the last couple of months I did some indoor snowboarding and have been mountain biking a lot.
I even went mountain biking around Spa-Belgium in the summer, during the F1.
The idea was to find a trail through the woods, down to the circuit and watch the race from the hill side.
Went and did that, I had a view of the backside of the circuit, but after a good half an hour my head started buzzing from the awesome noise those F1 cars make. (bringing earplugs next time!)
So I continued my way along the track to the other side of the hill.
However the road started leading me towards a side entrance of the circuit.
All of a sudden I can head the cars blasting past me from behind an iron fence that’s covered in bushes/climbing plants.
I get of my bike and start looking through the fence, and I see that I’m at the end of the long straight after Eau Rouge.
Though I could only see the rear spoilers flashing by….the noise, smell and sensation was overwhelming.
What struck me the most was the smell in the air. It wasn’t the typical smell of gasoline and burned brakes.
It was something totally different. Something you have to experience for yourself to understand.

Well…as I was standing there, with my headache growing…still looking through the fence…an older guy comes up to me and asks if I have a ticket.
Me: ‘Erm…no.”
Old guy: “Do you want a ticket?”
Me: “No…(i don’t wanna buy a ticket)”
Old guy: ” Here, take it..”
Me: “Oh…emm…THANKS!” 😀

Old guy walks away…

It took me a while to understand that the guy was leaving and he just gave me a valid F1 ticket.
How lucky! So I went to the entrance all happy with my free F1 ticket….but was denied access since you’re not allowed to take a bike with you on the circuit….BUMPER!

Unfortunately I didn’t have any chain to secure my bike.
So now I’m standing there….in front of the entrance WITH a free ticket…but I can’t get in……FFUUUUUUUU!!

I decided to go back from where I came, and hide the bike in some bushes..and hope it will be there when I come back..haha.
So I do that….and rush back to the entrance. Got in..pushed myself through the crowd…and tried to get as close to the cars as possible. Man…TV is nowhere near real life. At this point the headache is too much. And the thought of the bike being stole doesn’t help either.. :S

So after a very short 10 minute visit, I decide that I have seen enough and it’s time to go.

Got back to the bike, and rode back to my car which was parked in a small village nearby.


Ok, I wasn’t planning on typing that story, but I might as well share it with you guys.
Just to keep it a little bit car related.. 😛

And since nobody reads blogs with no pics:

The Civic:

F1 ticket:

And here I wanted to post a pic of an Audi R8, Ferrari F40 and a GTO parked together along the road to the circuit.
Will have to edit later when I find it.


The old AE86

Driving this car was so much fun!